Carter's Valley Volunteer Fire Dept.


This years participants in the extrication class were; Milo Kim, Cory Woods, Dustin Olson, Dennis Hagemeyer, James Hogue, Philip Lavallee, Josh Smith, and special helper Peyton Steele.  Instructors were Mike Wells, Dustin Housewright, and Denny Steele.

Milo Kim uses the "O" cutters to take out the B post of the vehicle.




Cory Wood uses the "O" cutters to assist from inside the vehicle.

Dustin Olson is also using the "O" cutters to remove part of the vehicle.

Dennis Hagemeyer uses the "Glass Master" to cut the windshield for removal.

James Hogue uses the "Combi" tool to cut out part of the vehicle.

Instructor Mike Wells demonstrates how to use the ram to perform a dash lift.

Future Firefighter Peyton Steele assisted in the extrication class by retreiving some tools the participants might need.  Peyton is shown here carrying a glass master tool.



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