Carter's Valley Volunteer Fire Dept.


Fire Prevention Day 2008

We would like to Thank the staff at Carter's Valley Elementary school for allowing us to train and teach during Fire Prevention week.

I would also like to Thank the following members of Carter's Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. for participating in the event:

Caitlin Smith, Cory Wood, Milo Kim, Josh Folden, EMT. Josh Bowser, Cruz Russell, Tim Russell, Lt. Jeff Barton, Lt. Justin Rush, Capt. Aaron Pierson,

Deputy Chief William Pierson, and Chief Michael Yates. 


Fire Prevention Drill at Carter's Valley Elementary School

 Firefighters are shown arriving at the scene of Carter's Valley Elementary school for the annual Fire Prevention Day

on Oct 10th 2008. The fire alarm had previously sounded and the students were evacuating the building.


This is the view from a child,  as they left their room and entered the hallways.  We used

non-toxic smoke machines.  These are used to simulate real smoke and

give the kids an idea of what it is like and what to expect.



Firefighters Josh Folden and Cory Wood enter the school to begin a routine " Search and Rescue " procedure.


 Josh and Cory begin training on a left hand search of one of the classrooms

While the " Search and Rescue " team works inside, Engine 1 crew trains on Water supply with Josh Bowser as Engineer.



Engineer Josh Bowser, Lt. Justin Rush and Capt. Aaron Pierson " Wrap a Hydrant " that will supply water to the Engine.



Some of the students look on as the fire dept. does their job to "save the school !"

Lt. Jeff Barton places Engine 8 on standby, while Principal Lisa Webb monitors the evacuation of the students.


Carter's Valley Chief Michael Yates,  Hawkins County EMA Director Gary Murrell, and Asst. Jamie Miller teach the students. 

Firefighters Caitlin Smith and Milo Kim help to train the students NOT to be Afraid of Firefighters.


Chief Yates answers a students question,  " If we had Helped to save a Life ". Yates calls upon firefighter Cruz Russell to

describe his recent feelings at a life saving rescue only a few months prior.

Firefighter Cory Wood, Milo Kim and Josh Folden demonstrates " How to quickly put on your protective personal equipment "( Bunker Gear )

Thanks, and have a SAFE Day!

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